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  • How do I get started with PlayGoop?

    Maybe it's mid-afternoon and your kids are bored and driving you nuts. Could be your family's got a few hours free on a Saturday and you're looking for something to do.  Perhaps you just love scoring a deal!  At PlayGoop we've got you covered.  

    All you have to do is create a user name and password through our super-simple login process or create your account with our handy-dandy Facebook button.  

    Once you're in you will have oodles of great deals at your fingertips!  Browse 'em all or search for a particular date that's open on your calendar.  Hungry?  Go straight to 'Meal Deals' from our homepage to view all of your yummy opportunities.  Looking for some action?  The 'Activity Deals' tab is your family's portal to fun!  Only want to see deals appropriate for your kids?  No problem!  Use the age range selector to zero in on the deals that are right for you.  

    Once you find the perfect deal simply click on the green shopping bag to purchase or reserve your spot. When your cart is full of all the deals you can handle you're ready to check out.  With our streamlined payment process you can use Paypal or go with your Amazon account.  There has never been an easier way to pay!  

    Now that's taken care of...go have some fun! 


  • Will I get charged right now?

    No!  You will not be charged until the deal is in full effect.  That means that the deal has met its minimum attendance requirement (as determined by the vendor) and is past its cancellation date (as determined by the vendor).  

    Note for PayPal users: If you pay with PayPal, you may notice a month-long date range for preapproval of charges.  This is simply to accommodate for any changes that the vendor may make to the date of the event.  Your preapproval is for a one-time charge of the specified deal cost and will only be charged if the deal actually occurs.

  • Can I cancel my reservation/get a refund?

    You bet!  We don't why you'd want to, but you can back out of a deal right up until the cancellation date set up by the vendor.  If you need to cancel a reservation just go to My Account.  Scroll down to your Upcoming Deals to find the deal you need to cancel.  Hit "Request Refund," confirm the refund request and you're good to go.  

    A word about refunds... There are no "refunds" when YOU cancel your reservation, per se, as no monetary transactions are ever processed until the vendor's cancellation date is met.  As long as you cancel before the vendor's cancellation date you will not be charged for the deal.  Please note that once that cancellation date goes by, you are on the hook and will be charged!  Even if the deal is pay at the door or free of charge you are expected to show up.  If the vendor/business owner cancels the deal more than 24 hours before the deal's start time you will not be charged.  If the vendor/business owner must cancel the deal less than 24 hours before the deal is set to take place you will be charged and will then need to contact the vendor for a refund.  Got it?  Good.

  • I made a reservation but the system is not asking me for payment. What's going on?

    Don't panic... Some deals are pay at the door, so no payment is required until you arrive at the event.  In other cases where you are not asked for payment at checkout the deal you have scored is FREE!  

  • Does PlayGoop save my payment information?

    Absolutely not!  Only PayPal and Amazon have access to your payment info.  Every time you checkout on our site we are simply asking for permission to charge only the amount that you are authorizing to pay for the deal. Yeah... we're responsible like that.

  • Ooh, ooh! Pick me! (Frantically raising your hand in class...)

    Got a burning question about the way things work around here?  E-mail us at admin@playgoop.com.